Intuitive Life Movement ® (ILM) connects you to your body as a source of healing, guidance and pleasure. Be surprised by your capacity for insight into your self, your relationships and your life.

Using guided imagery, body-mind exercises and movement, you will:

Learn a simple but powerful mindfulness technique to increase

concentration, relaxation and self-acceptance

Discover how your body reflects and creates your identity through your core

beliefs and habitual tension patterns

•  Expand your options in life and relationships though 5 distinct ways of being

and moving.

Date and Time:  Saturday, August 2 10:00 am -1:30 pm

Place: Longmont, CO

Fee: $27

Contact me for more information: at 303.586.1586

Presenter: Shelley Tanenbaum is a psychologist and the creator of Intuitive Life Movement®.  She creates a safe, collaborative space to help people integrate their body, mind and Self, release trauma, and develop healthy relationship skills. Shelley works with adults, teens and groups.