Co-creating Community within the Unified Field

It is becoming increasingly obvious that survival on this planet requires a new way of relating to one another, the natural world and our shared resources. This new way requires a major shift from living as if we are all separate to recognizing our inherent interconnectedness.

While you probably agree, truth is, there can be a lot of resistance, individually and collectively, to venturing into unfamiliar territory and making a fundamental change of identity! And it is actually happening in small circles all over the world! It is new. We are learning how.

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far: the experience and co-creative power of interconnection is essentially a “real time” exploration of three contiguous domains:
– our inner felt-sense
– our interaction with others, and
– the larger “field” that includes us all. This “field” is not empty space but a vastly creative ocean of energy of which we are a part. When we add the field to our awareness, we open up exciting new possibilities individually, communally and globally.

These explorations offer access to open-hearted Self-presence and profound relatedness. You can also expect to feel a bit wobbly, stretched and surprisingly alive.

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“Why do this?”

Below are a few comments from some of my co-creators:
– It brings my belief system into alignment with my experience.

– Gratitude. Very different from making a list of things to be grateful for!

– It’s being fully integrated – human and spirit. Even if I don’t hold it all the time, I have it in my bones.

– I feel good. Alive. Giddy. Creative.

– It’s similar to being in nature, in a love relationship. To deliberately pursue it and get there is up there with peak experiences!!

– I am being receptive to how much love and kindness we actually have in life.

– Cultivating trust!

– I know how I’m supposed to be non-judgmental. But when I experienced this kind of openness it was not judgmental – not something you decide to do or not to do. You just ‘get it’ in that place, you just are! … In this place there is only openness. When you’re there you’re there!

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