Holistic Psychotherapy

The task of holistic psychotherapy is to access your innate capacity to heal and thrive. By helping you connect to your essential Self, holistic psychotherapy offers pathways to your own inner wisdom and the specific tools you need – whether your issue is your relationships, dysfunctional patterns, your body, painful emotions, trauma, stress overload, or a crisis of spirit.

Why Holistic?

You bring to therapy a blend of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors and biological responses. Additionally, you live in a complex web of relationships. (We all do!). Therefore, successful therapy must draw from multiple sources and be uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

Some of the approaches I use include: Mindfulness, Communication and Relational Skills, the Hakomi Method ®, Brainspotting ®, Behavioral Strategies, Parts Work, Yoga and Relaxation Techniques, and Intuitive Life Movement ®. [for details]

I have known Dr. Shelley Tanenbaum as a professional colleague since 2009. I have been consistently impressed with her original and profound contribution to the field of psychotherapy. Using a wealth of therapeutic skills, she allows clients to access deep levels of feeling and their innate wisdom. She combines expertise honed over decades of experience, with genuine compassion. I recommend her work with enthusiasm!    Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, MS, LPC, Psychotherapist and Divorce Consultant

In It Together 

No matter the approach, it is the safety and trust between client and therapist that makes it possible for you to be vulnerable, dig deep and risk change.

Psychotherapy is an active, collaborative, and deeply sensitive process. It is also confronting to parts of ourselves that find change difficult. However, psychotherapy can – and should be – creative, empowering, results-oriented and even playful.

As a client, when committed to the results you seek, you can expect to release self-limiting beliefs, judgments and behaviors, bring compassion and healing to parts of yourself, learn to listen to your body and trust its wisdom. You will also develop skills to create more authenticity in relationships and to live your life with greater clarity, confidence, and vitality.

As a therapist, I draw upon my intuitive abilities and 30+ years of professional experience. Along with a broad range of approaches the foundations of my work include mindfulness (as a state of non-judgmental observation) and your body’s innate wisdom. My familiarity with different ways of knowing will assist you in bridging the gaps between new and former ways of experiencing yourself and the world.

What kind of commitment?

Relief and change can occur even in a single session. Depending on the nature of the issue, six to eight sessions is average for short-term therapy that is focused on goals such as increasing self-awareness, improving coping skills, creating behavior change, or addressing a current relationship problem.  Longer-term therapy is recommended for trauma-related issues and altering deeply entrenched relational or behavioral patterns.

Sessions are generally scheduled either weekly or twice a month for 60 or 90 minutes. I work on a sliding scale and am reimbursable by some insurance companies.

Getting started

The most difficult part of changing your life is taking action. Schedule a free phone consultation today. I’ll be happy to talk with you and discuss which services might most effectively meet your needs.