AWAKENED BODY, AWAKENED LIFE: Introduction to Intuitive Life Movement®

When our habitual patterns, beliefs and identity cause us to be isolated, out-of-balanced, and unsatisfied, they challenge us to risk change. We can consciously choose to create more love and fulfillment in our lives.

Learn how you can …

  • Release limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Create authentic, intimate relationships
  • Bring more clarity to your personal and work life
  • Attune to your body for healing and better health
  • Boost creativity, playfulness and vitality

Boulder, Colorado    

For more information contact Shelley at: 303.586.1586 or email shelley@shelleytanenbaum.com. You can also use the contact page.


THE PLEASURE OF PRESENCE: Co-Creating In The Unified Field

The intention of each gathering is to explore presence and interconnection within the context of the “unified field”. This field is a vast ocean of creative energy of which we are a part – individually, interpersonally, communally, globally and cosmically. Our practice reveals new levels of relatedness and insight as well as the pleasure of stretching into unfamiliar territory.

Deepen your embodied mindfulness
Discover how language can increase presence, problem solving, and bonding
• Relate in ways that feel new, authentic, and effortless

SW Longmont, CO

For more information or to register: call 303.586.1586 or email shelley@shelleytanenbaum.com.  You can also use the contact page.