Psychotherapy Techniques

Below is a detailed list of some approaches or techniques I use in the course of psychotherapy. Don’t worry about choosing the right ones. That’s my job. However, if there’s an approach you’re curious about or wish to try, don’t hesitate to ask.

Mindfulness is your innate capacity to observe your present experience without judgment. Research has shown that this state, also used in meditation: decreases emotional reactivity and the stress response; increases cognitive abilities, intuition, empathy and relationship satisfaction; and has numerous health benefits.

Parts Work
Parts Work draws from the fact that we all function with many different aspects of ourselves – adult and younger parts, judgmental and protective parts, internalized parental parts, pleasure- seeking parts, disowned parts…to name just a few. As you give voice and body to these various parts, you become more clear, compassionate and integrated internally and in relationship to your life.

Hakomi ® is an experiential approach that uses mindfulness and the innate wisdom of your body to safely: recall and reexamine past experiences; uncover hidden core beliefs that shape your life; and open new life possibilities and choices.

Brainspotting® is a powerful healing tool used within the therapeutic relationship to release the trauma-response, pain, anxiety, depression, creative blocks, and other maladaptive patterns. Brainspotting works directly with the autonomic and limbic systems by pairing emotionally charged triggers and positive associations (“brain-spots”) with bi-lateral brain stimulation through sound. The effect is greater balance of psychological, emotional and physiological states that are typically out of reach for the conscious mind.

Intuitive Life Movement® 

Behavioral Strategies
Behavioral Strategies include a range of actions to increase and maintain desired behaviors or thought patterns and decrease undesirable ones – personally and in relationship to others.

Communication and Relational Skills
Communication and Relational Skills are the gateway to creating authentic self-expression and fulfilling relationships. Bringing conscious awareness to your relationships includes: identifying your intentions, needs and desires; learning effective ways of speaking and listening; and becoming aware of body language and other non-verbal cues (your own and others.)

Yoga and Relaxation Techniques
Yoga and Relaxation Techniques are used to create greater emotional and physiological self-regulation, focus and inner harmony.

There’s a lot of information here! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions ~ Shelley