Intuitive Life Movement®

Intuitive Life Movement (ILM)® is a way of moving and being that effortlessly brings you into alignment with your essential Self. It quiets your mind and awakens your body as you balance thinking with feeling, separateness with connection, and the finite with the Infinite.


When you practice ILM you remember that you are more than your history, beliefs and identity. You heal and become more alive, centered and playful.  You are at home in your body, more at ease and skillful in relationships and free to express yourself authentically. People at all levels of physical ability can learn ILM.

Intuitive Life Movement brings me to a deeper, richer place faster than any other “technique” I have tried. I accessed memories stored in my body that have been locked away for over 40 years.    David Goldsmith, entrepreneur

Six Ways of Being and Moving

Shelley Tanenbaum, Intuitive Life MovementThe practice of ILM demonstrates that you have many more options and inner resources than you might ever have imagined. You begin by distinguishing and exploring six innate ways of moving and being. They are: habitual, consciously-directed, creative, free flow, intuitive and field- focused. The six ways open you to an expanded sense of self. Used together you have a remarkable set of tools to approach any situation.

You know all six already. My job is to help you remember

Intuitive Movement did an end run around reconstructing the historical self. It accessed parts of me that are around. . . places of joy and health and intactness already in place. Gayle S, doctoral student

Is ILM for you?

ILM has lots of benefits and is wonderfully freeing . But here’s the thing … it’s not for everybody. Practicing ILM can be every bit as confrontational as it can be genuinely liberating. Because ILM taps into your innate truth, it can reveal parts of you that you may be protecting or hiding, even from yourself. (Most of us want to be truly seen but are afraid of it at the same time!) Additionally, as you practice ILM in your life and relationships, in greater honesty and integrity with your essential Self, some relationship structures and beliefs will inevitably change.

So, if you’re attached to maintaining a particular image, or committed to the status quo, ILM is not for you!

On the other hand, ILM is for you if you…

  • ache to be more self-accepting, present and authentic
  • long for relationships that are fulfilling, collaborative and inspiring
  • recognize it’s time to heal deeply and release limiting patterns
  • crave a boost in creativity, playfulness and vitality,
  • desire greater freedom and pleasure in movement
  • seek access to your innate wisdom and wholeness, and
  • are ready to risk change and co-create something new!
Intuitive Life Movement is the experience of being in love with myself and my life just the way it is right now.    Ali L, teacher, artist

Learning Intuitive Life Movement

 Workshops and Small Groups

  • One of the best ways to learn ILM is in the context of a group. Working individually and with others, you will find safety, support, stimulation and synergy rarely experienced in ordinary life. An intention of each group is to help bridge insights and new behaviors to your everyday world.

Individual Sessions

  • Individual sessions offer a contained environment for in-depth exploration.  You can schedule a single session or a package of 4 or more sessions that target your specific needs.

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In an Introductory Workshop you:

• Learn a simple but powerful mindfulness technique to increase concentration, relaxation and non-judgmental awareness

• Discover how your body creates your identity through habitual tension patterns and core beliefs

•  Explore 6 ways of moving your body and being in relationship with greater ease and authenticity.

By the end of the session, I was truly surprised to find that so much of my pain especially in my lower back had disappeared. So much of my body stress was gone; I felt relaxed.    Dan W, Investment Adviser
This workshop is a powerful experience where one learns the native language of the body and begins to speak it. There is treasure inside each of us and through this workshop one can discover what they are truly made of and what they can accomplish.    Katie, college student

Weekend workshops or short-term groups focus on:

1.  Healing the Historical Body: Releasing chronic tension and body imprints of stored memories.

2. Relationships: Moving beyond habitual patterns into authentic Self-presence and intimacy.

3. Theme Work: Exploring personal and global issues, intentions and other growing edges.

4. The Unified Field: Discovering co-Creation in Unity beyond personality and separation

5. Integration and Bridging:  Bringing Intuitive Life Movement into everyday life.


Paradoxically, Intuitive Life Movement brings me to stillness and anchors me there. As part of my storytelling work, ILM is an intriguing tool for developing characters. ILM helps me discover the way a character moves, stands and gestures.    J.B. professional storyteller
Just from the first evening I have found many applications for it, including doing a little Intuitive Life Movement process before writing. I find the writing then flows with more ease and creativity.    Cedar Barstow, psychotherapist, Creator of Right Use of Power


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