What people are saying about my work…

Shelley is both a gifted healer and a visionary. In her work, I found needed tools that have helped me to become a more effective instrument for healing both myself and the communities with which I am involved.     Dr. David Stern, clinical psychologist

I have known Dr. Shelley Tanenbaum as a professional colleague since 2009. I have been consistently impressed with her original and profound contribution to the field of psychotherapy. Using a wealth of therapeutic skills, she allows clients to access deep levels of feeling and their innate wisdom. She combines expertise honed over decades of experience, with genuine compassion.  I recommend her work with enthusiasm!     Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, Psychotherapist, Divorce Consultant

Your teaching was penetrating and absolutely kind at once, and you just led us “in” so effortlessly. . . I certainly re-connected with some authentic parts of myself that I’ve been trained to keep suppressed.             Nicole R., poet, visual artist

Shelley’s boundless curiosity regarding the nature of Being inspires me to journey on this path.  Her energy is infectious.  
Jeanne Bent, librarian

Intuitive Life Movement (ILM)

By the end of the session, I was truly surprised to find that so much of my pain especially in my lower back had disappeared.  So much of my body stress was gone; I felt relaxed.     Dan  W, Investment Adviser

Intuitive Life Movement brings me to a deeper, richer place faster than any other “technique” I have tried. I accessed memories stored in my body that have been locked away for over 40 years.     David Goldsmith, entrepreneur

Intuitive Movement did an end run around reconstructing the historical self.  It accessed parts of me that are around. . . places of joy and health and intactness already in place.     Gayle S, doctoral student

Intuitive Life Movement is the experience of being in love with myself and my life just the way it is right now. It is a tool that gives me the opportunity to be deeply connected to myself, the people around me, and the opportunities in my life.     Ali  L, teacher, artist

. . .loving the feeling of letting my foot glide down the floor. Who ever lets themselves take that long to notice something as simple as that?     Laurel B, teacher

I found myself being still much of the time and appreciating this body stillness as a kind of antidote for the busyness of the world.     
Judy T, social scientist, activist

Paradoxically, Intuitive Life Movement brings me to stillness and anchors me there. As part of my storytelling work, ILM is an intriguing tool for developing characters. ILM helps me discover the way a character moves, stands and gestures.     J.B. professional storyteller

…  you guided me to experience my husband for the first time again.  So powerful!  Renewed my love, excitement, gratitude, passion…     Marian H., leadership coach, author

Just from the first evening I have found many applications for it, including doing a little Intuitive Life Movement process before writing.  I find the writing then flows with more ease and creativity.        Cedar Barstow, psychotherapist, Creator of Right Use of Power

To my surprise, this movement work, which I considered to be more about consciousness than exercise, has kept my body strong and limber enough to take a modern dance class at age 65 – after a 45 year hiatus!   Dr. Shannon Devoe, clinical psychologist

Thanks to you, and the movements and philosophy you shared with us, I pushed aside the boundaries of normal consciousness that I had accepted and made intimate contact with my inner self in an experiential way, as unbounded consciousness.  What a pleasure!!!     Garret

There’s a relaxedness. . .a lack of discomfort that’s quite noticeable. . .none of the tension I might normally catch myself carrying in my body during the day.     Vera T, mental health counselor

I find ILM to be a very powerful way of being in touch with energy, intuition, life force, and answers to life questions.     
Dr. Sarah Conn,  clinical psychologist

Intuitive Life Movement Workshops

I loved it, I had an experience of “effortlessness” that was very new for me. . . .I’ve already started to integrate a mini-Intuitive Life movement session into my (almost) daily morning practices. I just do 3-5 minutes – but it serves as an anchor.     
Dr. Julie M, corporate consultant and coach

A wonderful personal and group experience based on attending to what my body can tell me about being true to myself and others. A new way of knowing.     Christie

This workshop is a powerful experience where one learns the native language of the body and begins to speak it. There is treasure inside each of us and through this workshop one can discover what they are truly made of as what they can accomplish.     
Katie, college student

In this workshop we began to learn the discipline of quieting our wills so that we became aware of the energy capacity of our bodies to dance with the energies in the Universe … We learned to let the body lead and this opened up rich new areas of wisdom…Shelley embodied what she was teaching which is a rare treat to see and feel.     R.M.S  retired educator

Workshops for Clergy, co-led with Dr. David Stern

They were fabulous, inspiring people whose work (and play!) has moved me in deep ways.     Rabbinical Student

David and Shelly create a space that is open, warm, and clear of the chatter that so often accompanies spiritual investigation. They use their own deep experience and considerable skill to support others in seeking the face of God in whatever is happening right now.”     Maria DeCarvalho, Episcopal Priest

This workshop was a great help in deepening my personal mindfulness practice as well as giving me a new tool in my work with people, especially in pastoral counseling /care and chaplaincy. Beautiful. Thank-you. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.     
Rabbinical Student

Shelley and David provide a safe place and time to be coached on ways to integrate mind, body, and spirit.     
Daryl Stahl, Retired Episcopal Priest

… As with all clergy, I’m sure, I yearn to create spiritual experiences that are moving and transformative. The session with David and Shelley provided an inspiring example of what is possible in this realm. Learning about the meditative practices with such caring and enthused teachers was wonderful, not only in terms of possibilities for my professional work, but also (and perhaps more importantly) for my own spiritual growth and development. Too often, clergy focus on caring for others and not nurturing their own spirituality.     
Rabbi Peter W. Stein