Our essential “Self” has a profound, timeless knowing that is not defined by our history, concepts or identity. We can see it mirrored in the spontaneous aliveness of young children (which we all were!) and the natural grace and ease of animals. We can feel it in the beauty and wonder of nature, moments of inspiration, or anything that deeply touches our hearts.

Learn how you can connect to the innate wisdom, vitality and creative potential of your essential Self, and develop skills to live a more authentic, satisfying life:

Holistic Psychotherapy – A holistic approach to psychotherapy taps your innate capacity to heal and thrive and is tailored to your unique needs – whether your issue is dysfunctional patterns, your body, relationships, painful emotions, trauma, stress overload, or a crisis of spirit.

Intuitive Life Movement® – Through Intuitive Life Movement, you distinguish 6 ways of being and moving to align with your essential Self. These include: habitual, consciously-directed, creative, free flow, intuitive and field- focused

Co-Creating Community – Experience the power and aliveness of co-creating community that affirms the inherent interconnectedness of your essential Self with all of life.

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